What are the benefits of professional skin care treatments?

How often should I get a facial?

Are your skin care products "natural," "organic," "cruelty free?"
    Do they contain anything "toxic?"

What is special about your skin care products?

How are your skin care products superior to those sold by
    department stores or drug stores?

I have acne and I'm over 30.   Help!!

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

What is your cancellation policy?


What are the benefits of professional skin care treatments?
Skin care treatments performed by a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist) such as myself can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your complexion. Roughened, sun-damaged skin can become smooth and more even in color and tone. Acneic skin can be calmed and remarkably cleared and controlled. And good skin can become great skin! Skin care treatments have advanced rapidly in the past decade. We've now added cell-targeted treatments and products for rejuvenation, as well as microcurrent firming and lifting treatments for more youthful facial contours.

As a skin care professional, I am qualified to educate you about your skin and its care, as well as your options for advanced treatments to improve signs of aging and sun-damage, and to effect a healthy, glowing complexion. Since I am licensed by the State of California, I can perform these professional services.

How often should I get a facial?
This is a question I hear frequently. How often you get a facial (skin care treatment) depends upon several factors. In general, my clients who return within a four to six-week period are the ones who see the most improvement in their skin. Skin with acne may require more frequent visits initially in order to break the cycle of acne and fully determine the various triggers and lifestyle changes necessary for a good outcome. Many anti-aging treatments require a series of treatments performed over a pre-determined period of time.

Are your skin care products "natural," "organic," "cruelty free?" Do they
  contain anything toxic"?

"Natural" is a marketing term with no legal definition and there's no standard definition in popular culture, either. In short, my products use primarily plant-sourced ingredients backed by science. These "natural" ingredients must be handled and formulated following precise procedures in order for them to be effective in improving your skin. Any accompanying ingredients are pharmaceutical grade when available.

Whether a product is all-organic or legally organic product is in some cases a moot point. Many of the amazing new active ingredients in my products are from non-farmed sources, such as a North Atlantic alga, a Brazilian tree (Piptadenia colubrina) or Japanese knotweed, a potent source of the powerful antioxidant, resveratrol. Many herbs, such as lavendar or sage, thrive in poor soils and do not require fertilizer, nor do they require pesticides due to their natural resistance.

The term "organic," even with its legal definition, is also used for marketing, and is somewhat misleading. An organic product isn't necessarily a good product or an effective product; there's no proof that it's safer either. There are no plant extracts currently available that meet both organic and standardizing guidelines to ensure you experience the same results from every bottle featuring the extract.

Knowing my formulators place the highest priority to utilize clean, pure source ingredients and do exhaustive research and testing (on humans) for each ingredient and formulation means peace of mind for you.

ScienceNature Fusion and Michele Corley SkincareRestorative Treatment contain no unwanted ingredients (parabens, phthalates, formaldyhyde-releasing, mineral oil, lanolin, propylene glycol, sulfates, bovine ingredients, or hormones).

For no-hype, factual information on skin care ingredients, I invite you to visit: personalcaretruth.com

All my skincare products are cruelty free, so the only animals who test your products are humans - to make sure your products work!

What is unique about your skin care products?
ScienceNature Fusion is my own brand of skincare, developed by one of the top ingredients experts in the country, offering over 150 products that are entirely customizable. This is of benefit to you because I have identified which of those products work best for our climate, demographic, and preferences. I'm not limited to an oversimplified regimen for dry, oily, mature, or sensitive skin; rather, multiple factors are taken into consideration before prescribing your skincare regimen.

Both lines offer exciting new technology: The Perfect Fusion of Science and Nature.

How are your skin care products superior to those sold by department stores or
  drug stores?

I believe that "professional only" products are better than the OTC & MLM products. Do I have scientific proof to back that up? No. But I did come to a good analogy. I have a client who is a cyclist and owns a bike shop. She was asking me why my products would be better than just buying something else. I asked her, "You sell bikes and WalMart sells bikes. How do you explain the difference to your potential customers?" Is a bike just a bike or is there a difference in quality and service when one buys from her instead of WalMart? The people who want the best bike will go to her and seek her expert advice and service. The same reason you might seek out skin care through a professional. I put A LOT of thought into what I recommend and sell to my clients. I have weeded through a zillion skincare lines and have picked what I deem best for your skin, and and as you come to me for treatments, I can oversee your progress and changes, like a bike tuneup.
As well, I speak with the company educators or owners, ask questions, study the ingredients, and compare the results before bringing them to you. My knowledge of skin physiology and hands-on experience qualifies me to help you select the products best suited to you.I have the highest standards for the products I offer; they must be safe, feel wonderful, and must fulfill their promise.

I have acne and I'm over 30.   Help!!
My clients see dramatic improvements with my phototherapy and ultrasound treatments, along with home treatments, education, and products from Science & Nature Fusion and Michele Corley SkincareRestoritive Treatment. These products represent new advances in the treatment of acne, including adult acne that often occurs on dry skin. They address the 3 main components of acneic conditions: bacteria, inflammation, and build-up of dead skin cells. You'll love your face again!

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?
When rescheduling is necessary, please give at least 24 hours notice. A no-show appointment may be subject to half the cost of your scheduled services.

What is your cancellation policy?
A missed appointment or last-minute cancellation is a loss for you, me, and other clients who might have liked that time slot, so schedule your appointment as carefully as possible. When rescheduling is necessary, please give at least 2 4 hours notice. A same-day or no-show appointment may be subject to half the cost of your scheduled services. Most importantly, a missed appointment means a possible set-back in your results!